About Us
• Be Prepared and ready to Teach!!! Teach Bell to Bell.
• Be on Time and present. Sign-in is at 7:15, monitor absences.
• Be consistent with grading and conduct.
• Inspire our youth.
• Communicate with parents, expectations, grading and school policy.
• Uphold the reputation and beliefs of Alice Harte.
• To help students learn subject matter and/or skills that will contribute to their development as mature, able, responsible men and women who become lifelong learners.
• Meet those standards of performance for his/her individual teaching assignment developed by the Principal of the school, the LDE, and other state & federal requirements, including following the standards of the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum.
• Guide the learning process of students in the classroom toward the achievement of curriculum goals set by the Principal while upholding all state and federal guidelines.
• Achieve those objectives/activities included in the Professional Growth Plan developed jointly with the Principal or Assistant Principal as part of the accountability process mandated by the State Legislature and BESE policy.
• Consult with administrator(s), colleagues, students and/or
parents on a regular basis.
• Cooperate with administrator and/or department head in assessing the performance of teacher aide(s) and volunteer(s) assigned.
• Serve on and participate in professional staff committees/meetings required.
• Perform other related duties as required.
• Successfully carry out the LA Components of Effective Teaching.